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Julian Yee Skating Academy will be hosting TWO workshops in December 2022.

The workshop will focus on the development of skating skills, jump technique and strong spin basics. The aim is to help set up skaters' long term development and growth to excel in the sport. 

What's New?

Private Zoom Lessons

On Ice or Off Ice

Jumps, Spins, Skating Skills

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Training Programs 
Train like an Olympian!

Training programs for all levels. Guidance from the program paired with video exercises will propel you to reach your goals. 

Past Events

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Workshop Poster May 18-22.jpg
Workshop Poster 8-12 June.jpg
Weekly Workshop 1-5 June 2020.jpg
Workshop Poster 25-29 May.jpg

Weekly Workshop

may - june 2020

Five weeks of Virtual Off Ice Classes were conducted throughout the lock down period during the unfortunate Covid 19 Pandemic.

About The Academy

The Julian Yee Skating Academy is an Ice Skating Academy founded in Malaysia. The main focus is on the figure skating discipline but we cover other skating disciplines as well. We look forward to working with skaters from all over the world and especially those around the South East Asia Region. Our top priority is to nurture and bring out the best of our skaters training with us. 



Canadian NCCP Certified Coach 

First Malaysian Figure Skating Winter Olympian 

Coaching Experience from Grass Roots to Competitive Level

Head COACH / Director


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